Thank you sooo much for stopping by and visiting my little corner of the blogosphere.
I'm Kate, and I started this blog in January 2012 when we began searching for our first home. We have family all over the world, so it has been a great way of keeping in touch and documenting our adventures.
I was born and raised in bonnie Scotland (hence colour not color and rubbish not trash). I relocated to London where fate, and a drunken New Year’s eve party, led me to my one of one. I hitched my apple wagon to his star and moved the 4322 miles to his hometown in sweet home Alabama.
I arrived with just two suitcases which, looking back, is amazing considering all the toot I have accumulated since then. Quite an achievement really!
I love all things thrifty. Alabama has the most amazing flea malls and thrift stores. If you’re ever planning a visit email me and I’ll tell you the best ones. Seriously. Email me :-)
I’m a huge fan of decorating and styling and bargain hunting and nice things that will make our first home (which we finally purchased in May 2012) as comfy and cozy and personal as possible.

Our cuter than cute rescue dog, Murphy joined the party in October 2012 to complete our happy little family.

So feel free to take a tour, check out some of my thrifty finds, or just generally have a poke around!


  1. I just moved to Birmingham, AL and I would LOVE to know where all the thrift stores and flea markets are!!! All I want to do is spend an day looking for treasure and things I can give a makeover... *le sigh*

    1. Hey Jessica, you will be spoilt for choice. For thrift stores Irondale has a Lovelady, a Jimmy Hale Mission Possible and a Habitat for Humanity (all great for super cheap furniture in need of a facelift). About 2 minutes drive from there is Urban Suburban Antiques which has lots of MCM goodies (a bit more $$$). If you're up for the drive there is Bama Flea Mall in Leeds which is HUGE (its in an old Walmart) http://bamafleamall.com/ They have a 2nd location in Gardendale which is still a drive, but worth it. Downtown has lots of good options too - Hannah's Antique Mall, 5th Avenue Antiques and Whats on 2nd (all a bit more expensive, but def worth a look). Good luck with your bargain hunting!

  2. Thank you so much! Your a lifesaver :)

  3. It's so neat to meet someone from my area. I live about 20 minutes north of Birmingham. I have been wanting to browse the flea malls in Gardendale all summer but I haven't had a chance yet. It has been years since I have been in them.