Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Singing in the rain

The weather has been crazy over the past few weeks.  We've had massive storms and blazing heat.

This is a snap shot of a storm blowing in over the carpark at work.

Last night was probably the worst set of storms.  They were rolling around throughout the night, and we had flash floods all over the state this morning.  This is a video I took from our front porch.  For just a few hours, we were a waterfront property!!

Make sure your volume is good and loud to hear the thunder.  It was ground shaking stuff!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Green Room finished?

Could one room in our house actually be finished?  Well, I don't think I'll ever be completely finished moving and tweaking and re-jigging, but this is the one room that has most of the major things done.

We have a bed, a mattress, side tables, lamps, a headboard, curtains, storage, a chair and even pictures hung!  And it's probably the one room we use the least, ha!  Still, at least we can check it off the list.......for now :-)

Let's take a look at the before shot.  Mmmm, floral!

I love how it turned out. 



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Porch progress

Our porch transformation has finally begun!  2 ferns and 2 little boxwoods are our new additions.  My track record hasn't exactly been great when it comes to keeping plants alive and kicking.  Fingers crossed these 4 make it.

From this:

Nothing says welcome quite like a pineapple!

To this:

Next up is spray painting the outside lights (I'm thinking black).  And I'm still on the hunt for a couple of rockers.

Monday, July 23, 2012

My little green apple

I buy a lot of junk.  There, I said it!

I have big plans of refurbishing, or painting, or upcycling.  The treasures sit in a box until I get sick of them being there, and donate them back to the thrift store I bought them from.  Still, at least the money goes to charity.  So on Saturday I paid a visit to the Jimmy Hale thrift store in Irondale. 

I picked up a few knickknack bowls, a planter and a couple of plates.  I also bought what I thought was an apple sponge holder (yeah, classy, I know!).


The weird thing was, the opening faced up. Hmmm, not very convenient for easy access to my sponge, but for 99c, I bought it. 

I always like to come home and search my purchases on eBay and Etsy to see if I've struck gold.  The plates were going for a whopping $5 on Etsy ($4.50 profit, woo hoo!), but I couldn't find the apple.  I was starting to think maybe it was a tea light holder.  I Googled pottery apple, and I couldn't believe it when this popped up:

Turns out my little green apple sponge holder wasn't a sponge holder or a tea light holder at all, but a vase designed by Henry Booth for Bretby Art Pottery, around 1890!  What!!!!  1890 - that's ye olde Sherlock Holmes type stuff!!  And there's not a crack on it (although the thrift store did kindly write the price on the side!).  Jeez, don't these people know an antique when they see one :-)

My very own Ozzy the Owl!

Early retirement here I come!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Green space

When we said we wanted a garden we didn't mean a bloomin' forest!  No really, the trees in our back garden are HUGE!  So huge that the Direct TV man refused to set us up as we wouldn't be able to get any reception.  U-Verse to the rescue!!

There is a little sliver of grass where the sun breaks through the leaves. 

And we have ivy.  A lot of ivy. 

Otherwise known as the chipmunks playground. 

The positive is that the garden is flat, a great size and completely fenced.  We've been advised to have some of the trees cut in winter when it is cheapest.  We'd also love to grow some fruit and veg (though those pesky chipmunks may have other plans!).

This will be a seriously looong term project!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Orla, is that you?

My slight obsession with Orla Kiely continues.  We managed to squeeze in a visit to the London flagship store a couple of weeks ago.  It looked fantastic on the inside.  I would have taken some pics, but the snooty man shadowing my every move put me off!

Anywho, on a recent trip to Kirklands I spied this hidden gem.

Orla Kiely for $20 (actually $15 with an in-store special), don't mind if I do.  It really is all in the styling - I can't see Orla going for a plastic plant and crap props for her packaging!  Maybe she forgot to copyright her pattern, or maybe Kirklands are holding Orla hostage and forcing her to make cheap lampshades?  What I do know is that I scored a complete bargain.

And here is the real deal, taken at the Orla Kiely flagship store in London (by someone braver than me!).  I'm pretty sure they were kicked out shortly after taking this.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

And we're back!

We took a couple of weeks off from home improvements to head home for a visit.  Now we're back and it's full steam ahead.  The countdown to P-day (parents arriving for their first visit to the new house) is officially on.  7 weeks and counting!

We're still working on the kitchen - will it even be finished!!??  And I've been in a picture hanging frenzy.

I hung the first pictures in the second guest room. 

These were cheapo frames from Michaels and a $5 scrap booking pad from Big Lots.  I picked the pages with the patterns and colours I liked the most. What took the most time was hanging the frames so they were evenly spaced (maths hell!!).

I finally hung the London Underground map I'd framed a couple of weeks ago.  The print is wrapping paper, and was only $3.95 (www.paper-source.com).

It's hanging right above the sofa in the living room.

Below are the three pics I've hung in the dining room.  These have been up for a while and are, surprise surprise, more wrapping paper!  What can I say, it's just such good value!