Friday, June 1, 2012

Master Bedroom

When we moved in, the master bedroom was a builder basic beige.  We painted it a cool grey a couple of weeks ago, but the room has been pretty much untouched since then.  In my mission to hang more of our pictures, the master has had a mini makeover.

This is a before pic taken when we looked at the house.

I wasn't a fan of the bed placement under the window, so I opted for a different layout.  Excuse the sad bedding and weird lumps and bumps, we currently have a full mattress on a queen base.

I bought the purple lamp bases in Target about 2 years ago. Even back then I was shopping like we had a 6 bedroom mansion to furnish!

I hung the curtains, and changed out the bedding.  The bench at the end of the bed was a TJ Maxx impulse buy which I'm loving in this room for extra seating/storage.   

The bare walls were driving me crazy, so I hung one of the picture we had stashed away in the basement directly above the bed.  I have a large frame waiting in the wings which will be a much better scale - all I need is some art to put in it!  More Etsy stalking required :-)

Next on the list is a much needed headboard, and hopefully a bigger mattress! 

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