Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Design Star

Did you catch the first HGTV Star show of this season?  I'm already hooked.  From the lovable David Bromstad, to the shameless product plugs (we get it Lumber Liquidators, we get it!), to the contestants soundbites that are guaranteed to come and bit them in the butt by the time this season is over.  I love it all!

The fabric and wallpaper design concept in the first challenge was a nice twist. And I liked that they were given free rein but I wish we could hear what their budget was.

My favorite line of the night had to be: "it's not going to be fine, it's disgusting".  How right you were Ann!

Other first impressions:

Jessi = Taylor Swift

Jeribai, news flash, the JT brand already exists and it belongs to Justin Timberlake!

Ann, matched her crazy red room to her crazy red hair.

Brooks, mad scientist, heavy on the taxidermy!

Tobin, token carpenter

Poor Cris, you know as soon as they say "I quit my job to be here" they're in trouble.

Tyler was my fave, even though we only saw his room for a nanosecond.  This is a terrible picture, but I promise it looked good as a whole.

Anyone else gripped?


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