Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Picture this

Are you on Instagram?  I'm becoming slightly obsessed.  It's like a behind the scenes look into my fave bloggers and celebrities everyday lives.  And I'm all for being nosey!

Some of the photos people post are so creative.  Rhonna Designs and House of Smith are always adding amazing graphics and fancy lettering to their pics.  I'm sure you can print them out, but I thought I'd try a more crafty option.

I started with one of my own photos.  I printed it though Walmart photo center as an 11x14 poster.  It's great quality and because it's poster paper you can't see any nasty finger prints.  I took the picture out of the plane window as it was coming into New York when I was moving to the US, so it has some sentimental value.

I searched the web for some inspirational quotes and found the perfect one "adventure is worthwhile" by Amelia Earhart.  I thought it fit my photo perfectly.  I picked up some letter stickers at Michaels (they had loads to chose from) and just stuck them on.

I also found this frame at Michaels - it was on clearance for only $10.

Now all I need is somewhere to hang it!

Have a super happy 4th of July whatever you have planned.


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