Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holidays are coming!

Can you believe Christmas is less than 3 weeks away??!!  Time for panic buying Christmas presents - keep your gift receipts people!

For the 5th year in the row I dusted off our sad little 5ft tree.  By the time I had attached all of the branches, there were more papery pine needles on the floor than on the tree.  It had more than a little of the Charlie Browns about it!  There was only one thing for it, I hot footed it to Target and picked up a half price 7 footer.  Weirdly it didn't look that big in the shop, but in our living room it is a complete whopper!  As in, I had to move the furniture to fit it in, whopper!

When it comes to Christmas decorations I'm more of a buy rather than make.  Each year I have great intentions of crafting my ornaments from string and bits of twig (or something like that) and each year I completely run out of time.

Festooning our tree this year we have a London bus.

Some cute string ornaments that were from the Michaels dollar section last year.

And some vintage style glass ornaments from Target.

I used some glittery gift boxes to jazz up the mantle, along with some white ceramic accessories that I already had around the house.  The white window frame was only $5 from Habitat for Humanity and was the perfect height for hanging a feathery wreath.

And of course no Christmas mantle would be complete without a teeny tiny Santa.



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