Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Half Bath Sneak Peek

The half bath has been a sorry sight, pretty much since we moved in. Initially we used the ugly vanity to wash the paint brushes and rollers, until we couldn't stand to look at it any more, and we took the whole thing out completely.  The drawers were all jacked up and the top was in a shoddy condition.  Its fate was sealed and out it went.

The wall colour was a kind of dusty apricot.

This room is small (just a loo and a sink), so no amount of light coloured paint or ambient lighting was going to make it look any bigger.  We decided to go dark. Really dark.
We still have a way to go with installing the new vanity, hanging shelving or some sort of storage above the loo, creating an art wall, replacing all of the hardware.  And the list goes on.  Luckily I have found lots of good inspiration:


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  1. Those inspriation pictures are so gorgeous!! Good luck with your half bath - it's going to be so pretty!