Friday, February 1, 2013

Macklemore Challenge

This weekend I took a trip out to Pinson to visit Mission Possible thrift shop as part of Young House Love's Macklemore challenge (as if I ever needed an excuse to go to a Thrift shop).

The challenge was to see what goodies you could find with just $20.  You didn't have to spend the whole $20 but you shouldn't go over (Price is Right styleeee).  Then we'd have a good ole link party to share our spoils over on YHL today.

I immediately snapped up these two black candle holders.  They look like black glass but are only plastic (shhh, don't tell!).  That was a whopping $1.78 of the budget spent.  You've got to love Thrift Stores that just write the price on the item.

They had a couple of side tables that would have looked great refinished in a bright colour, but I couldn't resist these 2 lamps.  Ok, so the gold is terrible and they're not an exact pair, but I think when spray painted the same colour they will look great.  Now all I need is to decide what colour to paint them - any suggestions?

I only spent a total of just over $10 ($10.76 to be exact, the lamps were $3.99 and $4.99 each) and managed to pick up a pair of candle holders and a pair (ish) of lamps.  You can't beat that!

While I was in Pinson, I thought I may as well pop into Sonya's Stuff (think thrift store meets junk shop meets flea mall) .  I mean I was in the area so it'd be rude not too!  They had posted a pair of mid-century nightstands on Craigslist about a month ago.  I was sure they would have been snapped up, but thought I'd see what other goodies they had.

I couldn't believe it when I walked in and they were still available.  Clearly I grabbed them and ran. Here they are at home in the Master:

Lots more Master Bedroom updates to come next week.

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  1. Love that nightstand. How cool. I haven't found any furniture thrifting in Houston. I find that its way more expensive here than in Virginia (where I'm originally from). Call me cheap I guess. ;)

  2. Love those nightstands! :Looking good!

  3. Kate - where is Sonya's in Pinson and also the J & J you mention? I am located in Clay so I am familiar with Pinson. Loving your blog and your style!

    1. Thanks Jonella, this is the website for Sonya's Stuff ( they have LOADS more stuff in their shop - its just round the corner from the Jimmy Hale Mission Possible in Pinson. J&J Junk is down 280 - past Chelsea and just past Chelsea Antique Mall, next to the gas station on the right. It looks a bit like a garden shop with all the statues and plants out front - but once you get in there, make sure you head through the secret door at the back for the real loot! Good luck with your bargain hunting! Leave some for me :-)

  4. My parents still have that bedroom set in their bedroom today!! Super clean lines, and it's still in beautiful shape.