Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Photos

Autumn is officially here!  It's completely dark when I leave work, I can actually walk outside at lunch time without breaking into a sweat and football rules the remote.

Unfortunately, it also means I can only take pics at the weekend.  Photos with natural light = :-)  Photos with artificial light = :-(  And who wants to read a post with no fun pictures (apart from this one, obviously!).

I suppose I could get up before work and take a few snaps but, lets face it, that's never going to happen!  The snooze button calls to me!

I have a shed load of updates to share - most of the light fixtures we inherited from the previous owners have finally bitten the dust, the kitchen is almost finished, and I've thrifted a few more pieces of fab furniture.

I promise I will be snap happy this weekend (in between a long awaited trip to IIIIIKKKKKKKEEEEEAAAAA!!!).


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