Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fan it up

This has got to be the easiest update I've done - mainly because all I had to do was buy the fan.  I had absolutely nothing to do with wiring it in, so no tutorial here I'm afraid.  Me and anything electrical is probably not a good combination.  Luckily my father in law is super handy and had it installed in record time.  Here's the good old before and after.

Before - fugly.  Ok, so you can't really see much of the original fan, but you get the idea.

After - ooooh, swit swoo, that is one sleek looking fan.



  1. Hi, I just found your blog through the Homies on Apartment Therapy. Good luck! :)

    My husband has been wanting a fan for our bedroom for so long, it is an easy update and yours looks great.

  2. It looks so much better than your old one. I happen to hate ceiling fans they dry out my eyes and have never been able to sleep under one, but my children loved having them as teens so it must just be me.