Friday, February 15, 2013

H & Mmmm

Guess what arrived in our postbox last weekend (thanks mum!).

Our H&M cushion covers are finally here.  Can you believe they were only about $5 each (I had to order them from the UK site because they don't have a US online shop, yet!  The campaign starts now).  I love the bold geometric print and the dark grey colour.  The back is a teeny tiny repeat of the same pattern.

Luckily I had a pair of old cushions I'd been trying to sell on Craigslist for weeks (come on Birmingham, don't you know a good deal when you see one?) that were a perfect fit.

It's just a jump to the left:

And then a step to the right (see how I whipped up my own Captain Mirror HERE):

We have been making do with a couple of Euro pillows and a pair of side tables:

What a difference a headboard (more on that bargain find HERE), a pair of nightstands and some jazzy (yeah, that's right, i said jazzy) cushions can make. 

You can see I took the picture above the bed down.  I'm hoping having to look at the big blank wall will spur me on to finding/making something completely amazing to take its place.



  1. They're beautiful!!! And I love that you added purple to them - beautiful touch!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks great! LOVE the wall color!


  3. Great find for $5, they are gorgeous. I noticed you took the picture down. I think it is a beautiful picture, maybe too small for over the bed, hope you have another place for it in your home.

  4. I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. I couldn't find your email address to let you know personally. You can go to my blog for more info. Thanks.

  5. I love that geometric print - and the purple pillow and lamps are fantastic! Do you remember where they are from?

    1. Thank you - the lamps were originally from Target a good few years ago, and the pillow was from Burlington Coat Factory.