Wednesday, May 15, 2013


If you follow along on Instagram (if you don't, then you should!), you'll have seen that this weekend we made the 2 and a half our trip to the ATL for a concert and for some light wandering.  It was sooo nice to have a break and escape from the daily grind.  Although I could happily live without the crazy Atlanta drivers.  Ooft, just thinking about the 8 lanes of traffic makes me nervous!

We found this great little area called Westside Provisons District that is packed with shops and amazing places to eat.

I'd heard of Room & Board but had never had the chance to visit a store (there are only 14 in the country).  The stuff they have is pricey but completely my style, and gave me lots of ideas (my main one being to pick up a winning lottery ticket on the way home so next time I can actually afford to buy something!).  It was worth visiting for the coffee table size catalogue.  Woo hoo, free stuff! 

Sorry about the phone pic, this was the only snap we were brave enough to take inside while the assistants were distracted.  It gives you a bit of an idea of the style - lots of MCM, tufting, graphic prints.

Of course no trip to Atlanta would be complete without a visit to Ikea.  We picked up a Lerberg for only $20 (it's available in white and dark grey).  Check back in to see how my fight with flat pack furniture and an allen key went.

Anyone else picked up an Ikea bargain recently?


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  1. I have never been to Ikea and want to take a trip to ATL just to go in Ikea.