Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dollar Store Jewelry Holder

Sherry of Young House Love and  Katie of Bower Power set their spring Pinterest Challenge last week.  The idea is to stop pinning and start doing.  Take your inspiration from something you've pinned on Pinterest and create your own version. 

I decided to try and make a jewelry holder.  There are a bazillion versions on Pinterest but (as usual) I was determined to create mine on the cheap.  My Pinspiration (see what I did there?!) was this sweet little shabby chic jewelry holder from Etsy seller The Humble Bee:

Of course the first stop for any cheapo craft project is always going to be the dollar store.  I picked up a piece of foam board and a pack of thumb tacks.  The purple fabric was from Joanns and was leftover from another project I'm working on.

I cut the board in half and layered one piece on top of the other (making the size 10x15).  I covered the whole thing in fleece to give it a padded look (root around in your wardrobe and see if you have an old fleece you don't wear anymore and get cutting!).  Next I layered the lattice fabric on top of that and stapled everything together on the back of the board.

I marked out my border and stuck the tacks in at 1/4 inch intervals to give it a nail head trim look.

The whole thing was incredibly quick and easy to make.

I used some regular straight pins to hang the earrings on.

In the inimitable words of Gordon Ramsay: Dollar Store Jewelry Holder...........done!


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  1. Cute...and I think I used the tan version of that fabric for my Pinterest Challenge! I will have to try this as I have a wall in my closet that would be a great place for it.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

  2. Kate, your jewelry holder looks so cute, love the border around the edges. good luck on the challenge, not sure if it's a contest.

    Becoming a new follower on google connect!