Sunday, July 15, 2012

And we're back!

We took a couple of weeks off from home improvements to head home for a visit.  Now we're back and it's full steam ahead.  The countdown to P-day (parents arriving for their first visit to the new house) is officially on.  7 weeks and counting!

We're still working on the kitchen - will it even be finished!!??  And I've been in a picture hanging frenzy.

I hung the first pictures in the second guest room. 

These were cheapo frames from Michaels and a $5 scrap booking pad from Big Lots.  I picked the pages with the patterns and colours I liked the most. What took the most time was hanging the frames so they were evenly spaced (maths hell!!).

I finally hung the London Underground map I'd framed a couple of weeks ago.  The print is wrapping paper, and was only $3.95 (

It's hanging right above the sofa in the living room.

Below are the three pics I've hung in the dining room.  These have been up for a while and are, surprise surprise, more wrapping paper!  What can I say, it's just such good value!

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