Monday, July 23, 2012

My little green apple

I buy a lot of junk.  There, I said it!

I have big plans of refurbishing, or painting, or upcycling.  The treasures sit in a box until I get sick of them being there, and donate them back to the thrift store I bought them from.  Still, at least the money goes to charity.  So on Saturday I paid a visit to the Jimmy Hale thrift store in Irondale. 

I picked up a few knickknack bowls, a planter and a couple of plates.  I also bought what I thought was an apple sponge holder (yeah, classy, I know!).


The weird thing was, the opening faced up. Hmmm, not very convenient for easy access to my sponge, but for 99c, I bought it. 

I always like to come home and search my purchases on eBay and Etsy to see if I've struck gold.  The plates were going for a whopping $5 on Etsy ($4.50 profit, woo hoo!), but I couldn't find the apple.  I was starting to think maybe it was a tea light holder.  I Googled pottery apple, and I couldn't believe it when this popped up:

Turns out my little green apple sponge holder wasn't a sponge holder or a tea light holder at all, but a vase designed by Henry Booth for Bretby Art Pottery, around 1890!  What!!!!  1890 - that's ye olde Sherlock Holmes type stuff!!  And there's not a crack on it (although the thrift store did kindly write the price on the side!).  Jeez, don't these people know an antique when they see one :-)

My very own Ozzy the Owl!

Early retirement here I come!!

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  1. Such a great find Kate! Oh, and I've found that a little nail polish remover will take off grease pencil or sharpee or whatever it is that thrift stores use on their stuff.