Monday, July 16, 2012

Orla, is that you?

My slight obsession with Orla Kiely continues.  We managed to squeeze in a visit to the London flagship store a couple of weeks ago.  It looked fantastic on the inside.  I would have taken some pics, but the snooty man shadowing my every move put me off!

Anywho, on a recent trip to Kirklands I spied this hidden gem.

Orla Kiely for $20 (actually $15 with an in-store special), don't mind if I do.  It really is all in the styling - I can't see Orla going for a plastic plant and crap props for her packaging!  Maybe she forgot to copyright her pattern, or maybe Kirklands are holding Orla hostage and forcing her to make cheap lampshades?  What I do know is that I scored a complete bargain.

And here is the real deal, taken at the Orla Kiely flagship store in London (by someone braver than me!).  I'm pretty sure they were kicked out shortly after taking this.

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