Monday, April 29, 2013


This weekend turned into a bit of a fabric frenzy.  First up was this purple/lilac trellis fabric for a master bedroom project I'm currently working on.

Next up was a floral fabric for the master bathroom.  I haven't shown you any pics of this space because we have done literally nothing to it since we moved in.  The walls are still a shockingly awful baby poop brown (the old owner thoughtfully left a half empty can of this paint in the garage - thanks a lot!).  I'm hoping to use this fabric as a jumping off point for the whole room - a nice neutral on the wall and definitely some new flooring.

Lastly I had a quick stop in JCPenney and picked up 2 woolen throws for an unbelievable $6 each!  I think most JCP stores are currently undergoing a major makeover and so lots of the old stock is massively reduced.  I thought these would work well in the man cave.  Another room that hasn't really been touched, but we have argued about settled on a grey/red/black colour scheme.  The carpet was new when we moved in and is a biscuit colour, so I thought these throws would tie in the colours nicely.

I did have the chance to style the screened porch, but the weather was terrible so the "after shots" will hopefully take place this week.

How was your weekend, any fun fabric finds?


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