Monday, August 6, 2012

Arty pants

In my search for cheap art, I took to the mean streets of Birmingham.  Well, I took to the streets of a nice residential area called Inverness.

The whole subdivision has Scottish street names, and I thought I could drive around, take some snap shots of the street signs, and frame them as a little reminder of home.  There were so many to chose from.  Imagine living on Tam O Shanter Lane (I promise I'm not making this up!), or Selkirk Drive, Clydebank Circle, Coatbridge Lane, Tartan Lane, Glasgow Circle.

I'm sure the residence thought I was crazy driving around taking pictures of their street signs, but the results were great.  Here they are framed and ready to hang:

To finish off the set, I bought this close up pic of a Highland Coo from Etsy (Stephanie McDowell).

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