Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Longest Yard Sale

Here are some overdue shots of the longest yard sale.  Sadly, I didn't find much loot this year, but it was definitely worth the drive for the experience.

Lesson 1 - Pack your best parking skills.  Be prepared to go off road and squeeze into the smallest of spaces.  But don't go over that white line - I saw the police handing out tickets on my first stop (as I sprinted back to my car to make sure it wasn't me they were ticketing!).

Lesson 2 - Head for churches and schools.  They have parking (woo hoo!) and lots of sellers in one place.

Lesson 3 - Get there early.  I joined the sale on Saturday, and the Thursday and Friday buyers had clearly grabbed a lot of the good stuff.

Lesson 4 - Bring a good co-pilot who can scout out the sales as you drive by to see whether it is worth stopping.

Lesson 5 - Watch out for cousin Eddie, I'm pretty sure I saw him out there!!

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