Thursday, August 2, 2012


We've been playing around with our living room furniture.  My clever plan of switching the sofas failed miserably, unless you enjoy squeezing through a one foot gap to get into a room! We don't, so they're in the same position but shifted down a couple of feet.  This has opened up the perfect little space for something like this:

I bought some graphic fabric from a great Etsy shop (Katherine Codega) which I'm planning of framing.

All I need now is a console table.  Luckily, I have this to look forward to on Saturday:

I'm ashamed to say I have never been to a yard sale!  I just don't like the thought of turning up to someones house, being the only one there, and feeling guilted into buying some rubbish I don't really want.  Lets face it, I buy enough crap of my own accord :-)  But with 690 MILES of yard sales, I'm pretty much guaranteed safety in numbers. 

It runs from Gadsden in Alabama (my jumping off point) to Addison in Michigan.  Google map it - it's gonna be HUGE!!  It actually started on August 2nd, so I'm hoping by Saturday that there is still some good stuff left, and that sellers have dropped their prices to get rid of it!  I have a loooong list of things I'm on the hunt for.

I'll report back with my finds.

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