Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 To Do List

Who doesn't love a good old to do list.  It's hard to believe that we moved in only nine months ago,
but progress has undoubtedly slowed with holidays and Murphy and just life in general.

As we move into 2013 it's all hands on deck.  This new year has got me feeling optimistic, so lets ride the wave of confidence before reality inevitably comes crashing down around me.

Our to do list is split up into 3 main categories: Got the Goods, Starting from scratch and You're out of your mind.

Got the Goods - we have all the supplies to hand, we just need to get on with it.

Starting from scratch - just a few of the ideas I have buzzing round that I hope to accomplish this year.

You're out of your mind - if we had buckets of money, endless time and the expertise and resources of HGTV.  Clearly, I have none of these, but a girl can dream.

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Got the Goods

*  hang storage pots in the kitchen
*  hang gallery/photo wall in the hallway
*  seal bottom of front door
*  hang art in tall landing area
*  hang curtains in guest room
*  hang shelf in guest room
*  replace picture in master

Hmmm, it would appear I have developed an aversion to hanging anything - will need to grab my hammer and nails and start making some holes in these walls.

Starting from Scratch

*  paint and furnish man cave
*  pick fabric and make kitchen blinds
*  add shelving and storage to pantry
*  paint stripes in hallway
*  add etched "hello" to door glass
*  find and refurb rockers for front porch
*  laundry room makeover
*  make/source blind for guest bath
*  half bath makeover
*  paint beige room
*  find master nightstands
*  add shelving to master bedroom
*  introduce desk area to living room
*  revamp coat closet
*  replace fan in guest room
*  replace doors to laundry room

You're out of your mind

*  paint stairwell and landing - we don't have a ladder tall enough (or any ladder for that matter!) to reach the highest point.  So unless we develop Spiderman like climbing skills, this may be out of the question.
*  garage sale - I have been banging on about having a garage sale for months, so hopefully 2013 will be the year it actually happens.
*  master bath reno - this would require a lot of money.  So do we change what we can now with a major budget or live with it and save the money to do it right further down the line. 
*  add new counter top to island - I would love quartz in the kitchen.
*  pendent light to kitchen - with zero electrical skills we'll be calling in the experts for this one.
*  replace garage doors - a big ticket item.
*  landscape garden - low on the list if priorities, maybe we should apply to Curb Appeal!

Wow - it's funny to see how all of the big budget updates ended up in the "You're out of your mind" category!!

If we get just half of this done I'll be happy and I'll be documenting all of the progress right here so you can follow along with the inevitable chaos!


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