Friday, January 11, 2013

Bathroom Update

Our guest bathroom isn't the biggest bathroom in the world, but it's functional and has had a bit more botox since we last checked in on progress, here.  Not a full facelift, but definitely some botox.

This is a look at the before, floral shower curtain and all.

The view from the door (a window covering is high on the 2013 "to do" list).  We quickly painted over the orange and changed out the shower curtain for a white waffle.

We were lucky that the vanity was already white, so we just had to change out the hardware.

We took down the builder basic, no frame, mirror and added a new light fixture.  All quick easy fixes that make the space look much more modern.

A closer look at the new light fixture from Lowes.  The mirror is a dark grey (it looks a bit brown in this pic) from TJ Maxx.

The hubby has been holding on to this Pearl Jam pic since 2006, so it was time to frame it up:

 And a nice Ikea Grundtal towel bar to finish the look:


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  1. Hi Kate! I love all the updates to your bathroom. It looks so bright and fresh now. Isn't it funny how we all had those dark, golden colors in our homes not too long ago? We had a bathroom decorated very similar to yours. Do you think we'll be shaking our heads at our crisp and clean light blues, whites and greys in another few years? I hope not, because I love them (for right now anyway!). Great job on your bathroom. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!