Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stag don't

Christmas sales in the UK are huge.  Most of them kick off on boxing day (the day after Christmas - also a national holiday.  Take note America - would it hurt to give us 2 days off for Christmas!).

It's like the UK equivalent of Black Friday.  So after Christmas I was prepped and ready to head out and grab the post Christmas bargains.  It's in my genes!

First stop was Target and their huge sale where I went straight to the home section and picked up a pillow, napkins, bowl, coasters and stag candle holder.  I always avoid the gift wrap and bags - there was a tonne left so I'm sure they will still be around when Target goes to 90% off.

Next up was Michaels where I scored some icicle house lights.  Everywhere else had just blue left, so I was pleased to find the white after rummaging through an entire shelf.  Plus a couple of boxes of glass baubles for next years tree.

I picked up the pink mercury glass pendents (in the pic above) from Walmart.  I'm thinking of turning them into this:

I got home and began to lay out all my bargains.  I still couldn't believe the stag from Target was still there.  And it had all it's antlers intact.  But it does look a little bit weird, I thought.  Oh wait, it's because it's missing an ear!

In my hurry to inspect the antlers I completely overlooked the fact that it is missing an ear.  An EAR people!!  What an idiot!

So now I'm left with 4 choices:

1 - leave it as it is.  It's unique and artistic, the Van Gogh of stags (plus, if I leave it at an angle you won't notice).
2 - snap it's other ear off - ouch!
3 - try and fashion an ear out of something (never going to happen).
4 - return it

Oh, the perils of clearance shopping!

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  1. Snap it off! Then if it still looks funny, take it back... :)