Friday, December 28, 2012

Another bedroom!

I haven't taken many pictures of our 2nd guest room as it's been a bit of a dumping ground for half finished projects, picture frames and of course the ironing board!

But it was time for a tidy, so I took the opportunity to snap some pics of how it is now.

 We decided not to paint this room (for now!).  It's a neutral beige so is completely livable.  I painted the headboard an off white (more on that here), and we added the cocoa bedding.  The orange chair was a flea market find and the cream pouf a Pier1 clearance score.  Ignore the weirdly low bed, we'll eventually get a larger mattress for the Master and the old Master mattress will be moved to this room.
 The pictures above the bed were originally cut from scrap booking paper (it took all my brain power to measure and hang them so they were evenly spaced.  I would tell you how, but I couldn't remember if I tried.  I seem to remember lots of tiny calculations on the back of a receipt!).

This is how the room looked when we went to view it:
When we moved in:
And now:
The next thing on the list in this room is to get rid of the hideous giant black ceiling fan.  It's far too big and far too black for the space.  It's like the Darth Vader of fans.  I can't imagine getting much sleep with that thing looming over you. 



TDC Before and After
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  1. I love that orange chair. Did you find it that way or did you redo it? Either way it's awesome.

    1. Thanks Maria, it's one of my thrifty finds and has its original orange velvet upholstery. I loved it too!