Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas mantle, O Christmas mantle! (it sounded good in my head!)

Moving from a small apartment, we don't have too many Christmas decorations (yet - watch out Target sale, I'm coming for you!).  For the mantle I tried to use some of the items we already had around the house or that I could buy relatively cheaply.

The owl we relocated from another shelf, the MERRY was $1 from Michaels, the red flowers were two $1 bunches also from Michaels, the upside down square vase we already had tucked away, and the little red bird was from our trip home.
On the other side of the mantle:
The little red boot and Noel we already had.  I'm always on the lookout for Christmas ornaments that will also look good off the tree and if you're lucky year round (we have 4 little glass pears in our dining room that were Target Christmas ornaments).  The reindeer was a whopping $4 from Michaels (originally $10 marked at half price, and then I had a 20% off coupon), and the round vase was left over from one of the table decorations I made for our work Christmas party (more on that in a later post).
It fits perfectly with our red/white/silver/green theme we have going on in the living room.  Cheap, cheerful and festive.  Perfect!

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