Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Party Poinsettia

Somehow I ended up making the centerpieces for my work Christmas Party.  I'm not entirely sure how it all happened.  I vaguely remember a conversation about the restaurant charging us $50 PER TABLE for their flowers.  I think by now you know I don't like to overpay for anything, so coughing up $300 for one night of festive revelry was clearly not an option.

"I'll make them" I heard myself saying.  Three days, six centerpieces, zero experience, how hard can it be??!!

There was only one place to turn, Pinterest!

Luckily, there were a variety of tall plain glass vases left at work from various valentines and birthday flower deliveries.

I also had a stacked apothecary jar, similar to this one, that I thought I could somehow incorporate.

And this was the end result:
I added burlap to line the tall vases (to look nice and hide the stems), around the rim of the circular vase, and to make the bow on the small vase.  The flowers and berries were all from either Michaels or Dollar Tree, and I mixed in some greenery from our front hedge.    The small vases were also from Dollar Tree and I filled them with mints.  All in all, it probably cost about $50 to do all six tables.  Ha ha, Kate 1, overpriced restaurant nil :-)

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