Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tacky Tinsel

For my sweet friends at work, I wanted to get creative.  I had amazing plans of wrapping their paper mache initial with red and white yarn and adding some kind of christmassy accent flower.

This kind of idea.  I wanted rustic-crafty-Christmas.

I got half way up an L and quickly realised this was not going to look good.  I ended up with rubbish-crappy-shitmas!!
Back to the drawing board.
I started with a basic paper mache letter from Hobby Lobby:
I added the magic ingredient (hot glue!!) and a lot of tinsel.  It was amazingly quick and easy to manipulate round the letters.  I also picked up some cute little owl decorations from World Market that I hot glued into place.
Here they are all together (J, G, H and L):
How cute are these little guys, and the handy hook on the top means you can hang them too:
It would be so easy to spell out a word for your mantle (Joy, Merry, Noel).  I love that they are bright and fun and maybe just a little bit tacky :-)

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