Monday, December 24, 2012

Maybe next time

Unfortunately, the trip to Mall of America didn't happen after all.  David will just have to wait to meet me - I'm sure he was disappointed!

I did, however, manage to pick up another source of design expertise at one of our local thrift stores:

It's funny to read how much decorating opinions have changed.  It was published in 1976, and has some real decorating gems, such as:
"Making a man suffer in a pink bedroom or, worse, a pink living room.  Think of others when you plan a scheme."
"Being afraid to cover everything in a living room in a bright chintz.  It can be charming."
I'm not even going to tell you what I thought a "lambriquin" was before reading this book - and now I know, and can guarantee we won't be having one in our house!
To see decor we would be horrified to find in a house today referred to as crisp and contemporary (yes, paisley fridge I'm talking to you!) is hilarious.  Makes you wonder if we'll look back on in 35 years and wonder "what were we thinking" about ikat or chevron or chalkboard paint!

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