Friday, March 29, 2013

Red, white and blue

It's Friday and I couldn't be more ready for the weekend.  I'm looking forward to Easter and pottering round the house and flipping through my Orla Kiely Pattern book that just arrived (thank you very much credit card reward points).  It's going to take all my willpower not to rip out some of the pages to frame.

The half bath progress continues at a snails pace.  A snail that has stopped to catch his breath.  Then grabbed something to eat.  And finally decided to take a nap.  Aaaah, it's never going to be finished!!  Ok, I feel better after that.  Now for the progress.

We finally mounted the Target cabinet.  I love the crisp white against the navy.

It looks a little small on the wall, but I have a few ideas to bulk it up a bit.

I've also been squirreling away some accessories since I decided on the navy walls.  I'm not sure all of these will be making it into the room, but i suppose it's good to have too much rather than not enough.  It'll certainly put my editing skills to the test.

You can't beat a patriotic red, white and blue colour scheme.  Not an Easter pastel in sight, ha!


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